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The world’s first Dietary Supplement with a unique formula containing a live virus – has been registered.
The supplement is intended to strengthen the immune system and the body’s defenses; the virus it contains is non-genetically modified and non-pathogenic. Its safety and harmlessness have been proven in preclinical and clinical studies and practice over several decades. To have the Dietary Supplement comply with all registration and usage requirements, the quantitative composition of the virus will be significantly lower than in viruses approved as medicines. As we know, already in the 1960s scientists who were involved in cancer research discovered that the intestinal microbiome contains the so-called good viruses that protect people from various diseases, harmful viruses and malignant cells as well as improve the body’s natural defenses. The new Dietary Supplement will be a unique way of enriching people’s diet and making their bodies more resistant against today’s greatest health challenges. Smart food choice is the prerequisite for our health and longevity. The Dietary Supplement is going to enter the market in limited amount already in the upcoming months.

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