Grants for publications

Grant of up to 5,000 EUR
The International Virotherapy Center announces a grant competition for publications on clinical studies of oncolytic virotherapy, observations or clinical cases in a publication that can be quoted in PubMed. Grant amount is up to 5,000 EUR (Gross). Moreover, the grant applicant name will appear in the Publication as a co-author.

Competition rules
Any doctor or researcher preparing the scientific publication can participate in the competition. The only exception are employees of IVC and related companies, who cannot participate in the competition. Each grant is given for one article after publishing the article.

The study is intended on using oncolytic virotherapy rather than using oncolytic virotherapy in combination with other cancer therapies, medication etc.

Grant applicants inform IVC on the publication topic and present to IVC the document draft before commencing the project and submitting it to the chosen journal.

More information is available from IVC Medical Division –

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