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The International Virotherapy Center was established in 2008 by leading oncologists, immunologists, scientists, and by Prof. Aina Muceniece who is the pioneer of oncolytic Virotherapy and first approved oncolytic medicine Rigvir discoverer. International Virotherapy Center (IVC) mission is to provide virotherapy for every cancer patient and doctors worldwide.

The main responsibilities of the International Virotherapy Center:

  • to support cancer prevention and treatment methods harmless to humans

  • coordination of treatment for virotherapy patients

  • training and certification of healthcare professionals in virotherapy

  • accreditation of clinics in the application of virotherapy

  • mentoring of virotherapy representatives

Our main purpose - stop the spread of cancer worldwide.

Information Center

If you’d like to find out more about the possibilities of virotherapy treatment, to find the closest virotherapy delivery location, to learn more about the treatment process or you’re interested in other kind of cooperating with us other related issues, please contact the Information Center. 
We will be glad to help you!

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* Your request might be forwarded to the medical centre or doctor for qualify answer on your request.

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