Virotherapy training for doctors and partners

International Virotherapy Center offers training course for doctors, oncologists, immunologists, and other medical professionals “Practical Application of Oncolytic Virotherapy Medicine RIGVIR®️ in Oncology”.
For partners we have special training program what will give opportunity to give qualitative support to patients and doctors.

Training lecturers are scientists and doctors with many years of experience in research and practical application of virotherapy. The training is organized remotely in digital format.

A full-fledged training process requires at least two days, which includes practical introductory lectures, professional scientific and medical lectures, practical examples and final examinations, as well as remote consultations with virotherapy practitioners. Training in the practical application of virotherapy takes place in accordance with the “Rigvir Guidelines on the Use in Oncology” issued by the International Virotherapy Association.

After the successfully finished training you will receive a Certificate confirming the certificate holder's knowledge of the use of practical virotherapy. The issued certificate entitles to receive permanent medical and management support within the framework of a special Mentoring program from the International Virotherapy Association.

The training takes place in cooperation with the International Virotherapy Association.
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