Virotherapy training for healthcare professionals and partners

International Virotherapy Center offers a training course for doctors, oncologists, immunologists, and other healthcare professionals “Practical Application of Oncolytic Virotherapy Medicine RIGVIR® in Oncology”.

For our Partners, we have a special Virotherapy Development Programme intended to increase patient flow and your clinic’s capacity and competitiveness.

Training content has been prepared by scientists and medical professionals experienced in research and practical application of virotherapy. The training is organised remotely in digital format.

Training in the practical application of virotherapy is based on the “Rigvir Guidelines on the Use in Oncology” issued by the International Virotherapy Association.

Virotherapy training and downloading the Guidelines is for free.
The training process takes no longer than 1 day. Already on the following day, you will be ready to offer your patients safe and effective therapy as part of a global virotherapy development network.

Do not hesitate to provide this therapy to millions of cancer patients waiting for help and facing increased cancer risk.
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