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Rigvir SE - the world's first food supplement (capsule) with a unique formula containing a live virus - an effective way to prevent cancer. Recommend for every person with increased cancer risks or positive oncomarkers.
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Rigvir SE for cancer prevention

Rigvir SE has become the world’s first food supplement with live virus.
Rigvir SE contains the same live virus as the anti-cancer medicine Rigvir – the non-pathogenic, non-genetically modified oncolytic ECHO-7 virus Rigvir adapted for the use in human treatment, only in a smaller virus amount for it qualify in the food supplement category.

Rigvir SE is mainly aimed at cancer prevention; it is intended for people with increased cancer risks, e.g. precancerous diseases, precancerous conditions, genetic predisposition, increased tumour markers, age above 65, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. In cases of an existing clinical diagnosis of cancer, Rigvir SE may be used in early stages for metastasis prevention or when the patient has no other alternatives, including financial. Rigvir SE is also recommended to people with weakened immune system and between toxic medical therapy sessions to minimize the adverse side effects, or as a complementary therapy for cancer patients.

Rigvir SE ingredients are included in a capsule with special coating (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) that allows it to cross the stomach and reach the intestine which is the most suitable environment for the ECHO-7 virus.

Intake for cancer prevention and immune system boosting - one Rigvir SE capsule per month with one glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach.

Intake for cancer patient or for people with increased cancer risks based on recommendations from a healthcare professional.

Note. Rigvir SE does not replace the Rigvir medicine.

More information in the Rigvir SE Brochure (PDF)

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