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Oncolytic virotherapy is an effective cancer treatment using special viruses, capable of finding and destroying malignant tumour cells in the body. Rigvir is the first registrated and still the one and only genetically unmodified virus available worldwide.
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After being administered, the virus finds and infects malignant tumour cells in a process called oncotropism. The virus replicates itself in the cells of a malignant tumour destroying them in a process called oncolysis. Viruses not only destroy cancer cells but also activate the body’s natural immune system, which also targets the malignant cells.

How virotherapy works

Oncolytic virus effect on the CTC and prevention of metastases

Virotherapy on isolated melanoma cell viability

The goal of virotherapy, not unlike that of radiation therapy and chemotherapy, is to destroy cancer cells, but virotherapy has several distinct advantages:

  • Virotherapy destroys tumour cells selectively without affecting the healthy cells of the body.

  • Virotherapy stimulates the body’s natural defence mechanisms by activating the immune system, which is often supressed by other treatment methods.

  • Virotherapy can be used against tumours that don’t respond well to radiation or chemotherapy, such as melanomas.

  • Virotherapy can be used at various stages throughout the treatment process: before or after surgery and also between radiation or chemotherapy treatments.

Virotherapy is recognised as a safe and efficient cancer treatment method.

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