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Rigvir SE - the world's first food supplement (capsule) with a unique formula containing a live virus - an effective way to prevent cancer. Recommend for every person with increased cancer risks or positive oncomarkers.
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Oncolytic virotherapy is cancer treatment using a Rigvir virus. Rigvir is a live, adapted, non-pathogenic, ECHO group, type 7 virus that has not been genetically modified.

Rigvir for cancer treatment is administered by intramuscular injection. Virotherapy with Rigvir takes place on in-patient or out-patient basis, depending on the situation and patient’s health condition. Treatment takes place pursuant to tailor-made treatment protocol and in accordance with the application guidelines under the supervision of the doctor. Average treatment period is 2-3 years during which a regular monitoring of analyses and patient observation takes place.

Cancer virotherapy is a treatment method that is gentle to a body and has minimum side effects. Most common side effect is slightly increased body temperature (up to 37.5°C, 99.5°F) lasting one to three days.

More about the safety and efficacy of Rigvir on National Library of Medicine:


The Virotherapy with Rigvir can be practiced only by doctors who have completed the educational course and are certified to practice virotherapy and prescribe virotherapy medication.

Oncolytic Virotherapy with Rigvir is available worldwide and is practiced by virotherapy partners and science clinics with extensive experience and knowledge base, which has proved their use of the correct guidelines in the long run.

If you wish to find out more about possibilities of virotherapy treatment in your particular case, to find the closest virotherapy delivery location, to learn more about the treatment process or other related issues, please, contact the Patient Information Center at

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