Over the years, it has been proven in practice and clinical studies that cancer almost always returns after all conventional anti-cancer therapies—radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, surgical therapy, and the so-called immunotherapy or targeted therapy with checkpoint inhibitors. In oncology, this is a known fact, as even in their professional vocabulary with patients, oncologists often use phrases like “we’ve defeated cancer,” but after a few months, “unfortunately, cancer has returned.”

The problem is evident. All the mentioned therapies are toxic, affecting not only cancer cells but also healthy immune cells, which destroys the body’s immune system. As a result, a large portion of cancer cells are indeed destroyed, but only a small number of remaining cancer cells are enough for the cancer to renew or recur. In a normal situation, the body would be able to handle such a small amount of cancer cells on its own, but not in a situation where the immune system is nearly destroyed.

Regarding the so-called immunotherapy, it creates an even more misleading impression of successful therapy, as initially, it strongly stimulates the immune system, but over time, it becomes overloaded to the point where the immune system begins to act against the body itself, causing various autoimmune reactions and diseases.

It must be concluded that conventional therapies not only fail to defeat cancer, but even in cases that initially seem successful, the cancer is likely to return, often with much greater force, because there will no longer be an immune system to protect the body Unfortunately, modern medicine, influenced by the pharmaceutical system, is unable to successfully treat cancer. If there are no other options, it would be advisable to complement conventional therapies with powerful immunomodulators (substances that change your immune system so it works more effectively) or to choose alternative therapies that are non-toxic and focus on stimulating the body’s immune system.

A good alternative can be cancer virotherapy, which uses beneficial viruses with oncolytic properties that not only stimulate the immune system but can also selectively destroy cancer cells without harming healthy ones. The most well-known product from the virotherapy class is the ECHO-7 virus Rigvir, which is also available as a dietary supplement. Patient testimonials from those who have used virotherapy – https://www.virotherapy.com/testimonials

If you’d like to find out more about the possibilities of virotherapy treatment, to find the closest virotherapy delivery location or learn more about the treatment process, please contact the Information Center – info@virotherapy.com