A female patient born in 1956 presented with a small choroidal melanoma in October 2007. 34 months after transpupillary thermotherapy the state of her eye worsened until tumor growth was visualized. Despite photodynamic therapy and transpupillary thermotherapy the tumor continued to grow locally. In October 2016 enucleation was performed. Since gene expression profile testing disclosed a tumor (class 2) with a high risk of metastasis formation in 5 years, the patient sought options to prevent progression of the disease. In December 2016 virotherapy with Rigvir® was started with 3 administrations for 3 consecutive days. Therapy was continued once per week until March 2017, when the administrations were changed to once per month. The patient is being monitored by an ophthalmologist. She is stable with the virotherapy ongoing and magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (7 May 2018) and abdominal ultrasound (23 March 2019) imaging excludes metastasis formation. The quality of life is high.

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