Melanoma is an aggressive skin cancer form with a grave prognosis. Current results suggest that oncolytic virus treatment of melanoma has a high therapeutic potential. ECHO-7 (Rigvir) is the first oncolytic virus registered in Latvia. A female patient was diagnosed with stage IIIB melanoma in December 2012, over 9.4 years ago. After the first excision and re-excision, the patient had several recurrences and disease progressions. After the patient had received surgical treatment in 2014, ECHO-7 virus oncolytic virotherapy was started. Since then, the patient has experienced only one more disease progression episode in May 2015 and has been stable for over 60 months. The patient has not received any other treatment than surgery and oncolytic virotherapy. No severe adverse events have been reported during virotherapy. The present case suggests that ECHO-7 virotherapy is an effective treatment of skin melanoma.

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